Obsidian and Tiger Eye PROTECTION Bracelet

The ultimate jewelry for courage and strength. Wear this to gain focus, determination and persistence to attain your goals.

Black obsidian is of great importance in lithotherapy.

Concrete, obsidian is a strong bond with Mother Earth. Protective, obsidian plays a powerful role as a shield against negative energies.

It is the stone of the absolute Yin and Yang balance. It is a stone of great spirituality, obsidian is the seat of all positive energies and radiates its protection.

Black obsidian promotes the elevation of the soul, the expansion of the aura towards the higher layers of the spiritual.

Obsidian will allow us to get to the bottom of ourselves, to reveal our personality, our buried memories, masked by too much parental authority, by an education that is too strict.

The Tiger Eye stone enhances confidence, focuses the mind, and enables the wearer to see clearly without illusion. It stimulates taking action, and helps you to make decisions with discernment and understanding, unclouded by your emotions. For centuries, this exquisite stone is praised for its ability to attract good luck, prosperity and power. 

The tiger's eye represents a protective shield to ward off threats and dangers of all kinds. Tiger's Eye, Also known as A stone of courage.

By returning negative waves to their transmitter, tiger's eye protects against the evil eye and restores courage and energy.  It erases the nefarious intentions and anxieties of the night, helping the mind to regain clarity and serenity.

Tiger's eye also helps to strengthen a person's will and protects his emotions from disturbances and other nuisances caused by too much empathetic receptivity. Thus it would promote self-affirmation, awareness of the positive aspects of one's own personality, and the overcoming of emotional blockages, fears and phobias.

Made in France