Black Obsidian Heart & Stainless Steel Necklace - Crystal, Gemstone, Natural, Healing Jewelry

The Obsidian Heart is here to help you ground down, ride those emotional waves with ease, and reveal the truths that have been hiding in plain sight. Some crystals glitter and sparkle, but this protective stone is born from the raw volcanic energy of earth’s deepest corners and brings with it all that ancient fire, water, and earth elemental magic. As dark and shiny as black glass, the Black Obsidian Stone can also be used as a scrying tool for glimpsing into the future, into the past, and filling in all the gaps in between. 

Black obsidian Black obsidian has great importance in lithotherapy. In concrete terms, obsidian is a solid link with Mother Earth. Protective, obsidian plays a powerful role as a shield against negative energies. It is the stone of absolute balance Yin and Yang. It is a stone of great spirituality, obsidian is the seat of all positive energies and radiates its protection. Black Obsidian promotes the elevation of the soul, the expansion of the aura towards the higher layers of the spiritual. Obsidian will allow us to go deep within ourselves, to reveal our personality, our buried memories, masked by too much parental authority, by too strict an education.

While Black Obsidian is a grounding stone that makes sure your root chakra is digging in its heels, it has metaphysical properties that reach higher too. It can also help heal our solar plexus chakra, where our courage and sense of self-worth flow. When this chakra is wide open, it helps us to raise our energy, call forth our creativity, and meet our true power. 

The heart shape is a mesmerizing choice for this protective stone. Protecting the heart and the core center of our being is how we stay safe, but we also need to take risks with our hearts at times to ensure that we don’t close off from the pathways of possibility. With Black Obsidian you can sit safely in the knowledge that no matter what, your heart is protected even in its rawest and most vulnerable form.

While the Black Obsidian Stone may seem to be a swallower of light, this is one of the best healing crystals for chasing away negativity, cleansing the aura, and helping you to gaze unflinchingly through the veil to elevate truth above falsehood. 

“With this heart, I protect myself without closing off the pathways of possibility”